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Referral Program

Class Description

The referral program is for those who started a scuba class elsewhere and need to complete their open water training. Below is our typical schedule for a weekend referral class. Times and locations may change depending on which days you need to complete the dives.

The first day you meet at Divers Paradise to complete paperwork and shortly after you will be heading our for your first two training dives. On your first day you will get to enjoy two awesome reef dives located just minutes away for the marina and be back by 4pm so you have the rest of your day to enjoy.


The second day you will return to Divers Paradise to do another two training dives. This time you will get to dive on one of over 70 wrecks that lay right off the coast of Miami. After the wreck dive you will do your final training dive on either a reef or possibly the Neptune Memorial site.

You will receive a temporary certification card so you can start diving right away. We process your PADI certification card on line so you will get your permanent license in as little as 7 days and it can be sent anywhere in the world. You will also be qualified to take the PADI Advanced class as well numerous specialty classes like wreck diver and underwater photographer.

Prerequisites: Must have completed all academic and pool work and have a PADI referral letter dated within 12 months. Non PADI referral letters are excepted but if you would like to have a PADI Open Water card you will need a pool session and complete the PADI final exam. There is an extra charge for this. Alternatively, we will conduct the 4 training dives, document them in your referral form for your original instructor to issue whatever training agency license that you started the class with. Ask your instructor for a PADI referral letter if possible, it is much easier.

Upcoming Classes

Scheduled every Saturday/Sunday or Wednesday/Thursday.  Many other dates  can be arranged to fit your schedule, please call for details.


  • Reservations are required.
  • Classes are paid in full when enrolling.
  • Must complete a student record file.
  • Minimum age is 10 for certification, however, only a Junior Open Water License will be issued to those under 15.
  • Those under 18 need a parent or guardians approval and signature.
  • Must complete a medical form.
  • No cost diving insurance for this program is available from Divers Alert Network (for U.S. and Canadian Residents only). Please ask your instructor for more information.


The price of the course is $399 and includes boat and instructor fees, certification card and photo, transportation to and from the dive sites, rental gear (tanks, weights, BCD, regulator) with the exception of personal gear.  Personal gear is considered to be your mask, snorkel, and fins and those are available for sale at the shop if needed. Wetsuits, when needed, are available for rent or purchase in the shop. There is a $100 fee to convert non PADI referrals to PADI certified divers. This process is much more involved and will require an additional pool session.