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Advanced Open Water Diver

Class Description

After you’ve earned your Open Water diver certification, you’re ready to take the Advanced Open Water Course. The Advanced class provides an excellent opportunity to expand your diving skills under professional, experienced supervision. We believe that all divers should take this class as a continuation of the Open Water class. Please don’t think you need to be an experienced diver to take this class. At South Beach Diver and Surf, our instructors’ years of diving experience make the Advanced class a real learning adventure for divers of all backgrounds. You will learn how to navigate properly, perfect your buoyancy, identify marine life, safely dive on a wreck and go beyond the 60′ limit of the Open Water certification.

The class features two core dives: the Deep Dive & Navigation Dive. In addition, you must complete three elective dives which can include a Wreck, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Naturalist or Night dive. If you would like to include a night dive as a part of your class, you will have to be available on a Wednesday night as that is when the night dives are held. All of the dives you do in this class count towards the correlating specialty class. For example, when you do the Navigation dive in the Advanced class, you will only need one more Navigation dive to get the Navigation Specialty. With 5 specialties, you can become a Master Scuba Diver!

Miami is considered to be the “Wreckreational” Dive Capital of the World. There are more than 75 wrecks in the Miami area, which comprises the largest artificial reef system in the world. So, we feel that a concentration on wreck diving is paramount.

Miami also enjoys close proximity to the Florida Keys, particularly the John Pennekamp Underwater State Park. This marine sanctuary has been a no-take zone for more than 50 years, and is home to a wide variety of underwater life as a result. We should all take advantage of this opportunity to witness such a diversity of marine life. But how can we appreciate what we see if we don’t know what to look for or how to identify it? For this reason, we encourage incorporating the Underwater naturalist elective dive into the Advanced class.

Prerequisites: Open Water diver certification or an acceptable equivalent.

Upcoming Classes

This class can be started on any Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. We start with the Navigation and Peak Performance Buoyancy dives as they are shallow and are a great way to get you re-acclimated to diving. The remaining three dives will be held over two days and can be done most days of the week and weekend. All dives are boat dives unless inclement weather forces us to relocate to a secondary site as needed. We have the most flexible schedules available. When you book this class online, you are only booking the first day of diving. Please indicate in the notes section your two other available days and we will confirm a schedule for you.


  • Reservations are required.
  • Student record file
  • Minimum age is 12. Students under 15 will receive a Jr. Advanced Diver Certification that can be upgraded once 15 years old.
  • Those under 18 need a parent or guardians approval and signature.



  • The price for the Advanced certification class is $499. This price includes the textbook, boat fees, instruction, SCUBA rental gear and the license. PADI E learning is available as an upgrade for $75. Personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit*, timing device and flashlight if you do the night dive) are not included.
  • SPECIAL- ADD NITROX CERTIFICATION FOR JUST $129:  The Nitrox class will be held in the morning before the deep dive or afternoon before the night dive. You will also get to dive with Nitrox tanks for your deep dives in the Advanced class at no additional charge. You must be at least 15 years old to receive your Nitrox certification.
  • Although not required, we recommend that all divers have diving insurance. The cost is very low and the benefits high. Please take a look here

*Wetsuits are available for rent